Like a Birthing Doula brings a baby into the world in a warm and celebratory way, an End of Life Doula helps people transition out of the world in a warm and peaceful way.

An End of Life Doula guides and supports a person near the end of their life emotionally, spiritually, practically and physically. We are non-medical, we are not a health aide.

Dying is the second leading fear globally. When a person gets a terminal diagnosis, it's beyond devastating. Lives change, emotions are erratic and fear and anxiety set the tone.

This course will show you many of the tools an End of Life Doula brings in to the world of a person who will soon pass away.

In any situation in life, when you are equipped with knowledge and guidance, it helps the journey flow more smoothly, with calmness and ease.

With guidance and support you can feel confident in the road ahead, you can exude that feeling to all those around you.

Whether this is for you, a friend, family member or caregiver, thank you for your interest in "being the one" for the person who is about to cross over.

**If you are not the person travelling through to the end of life, please take note. If you are a friend, family member, caregiver or facility employee, completion of this course will certify you as an "END OF LIFE NAVIGATOR." Once completed, we will mail you your course certificate and the "End of Life Navigator" Official Logo to use on your website if desired.

Our lives are so short and the most important thing we can do for one another is to be there. To be present, be focused and help the experience be the best it can possibly be.

Thank you for being mindful and proactive in this end of life journey.

Susan Capurso

Susan Capurso can usually be found researching creative ways in helping people to leave beautiful and memorable legacies for their families that will be treasured for many generations to come. As an End of Life Doula, Legacy Creator, and Author, Susan brings a plethora of projects and ideas for a person in their end of life journey to implement during the end of life.

Details of Susan’s Creative Niche inend of life”, have been published in the New York Post, Twice in Newsday, The Long Islander, Sag Harbor Express and The Long Island Press. Susan has been featured in several Blogs and volunteers for The National Aging in Place Council, the Pulse Center for Patient Advocacy and Stony Brook Hospitals Patient Advocacy Council.

As Susan pioneers in our End of Life Growing Movement, she is constantly pursing ways to advocate and support both the person with a terminal diagnosis and the families, friends and caregivers who love them. Susan’s mission is to encourage and guide our world globally in celebrating our lives before we leave. Our life stories and memories turn into meaningful legacies that will educate and transform the lives of our future generations.

Susan is a native of Long Island in New York and lives with her two boys. It was through a series of 15 very close losses that led her down this personal journey and and her End of Life practice, East End Doula Care. It's important to connect and bond with the people you love now more than ever. It not only brings you closure but will help your family grieve in a much lighter and more peaceful way. Susan feels with a little mindfulness and pre-planning; our lives will come full circle exactly the way they should.

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Making Plans - Finding Closure

This milestone is the most sacred of all. Learn to navigate this time with ideas and tips that will pave your way to peace and closure. Implement tools and ideas that you need to bring in closure. Set in place a plan to strengthen and bond your relationships now, and for many years to come.

Review - Reflect

We have a small window of time, a rare opportunity at the end of life to put a few things in place. Review, reflect and make purposeful decisions, now. Stop worrying about being anxious, afraid or disconnected. This course will help you navigate your way in order to implement strategies that can change many lives.

Come Full Circle

In order to Come Full Circle, it's imperative that we prepare and plan for the exact way we want it to go. It's hard for any one to accept a diagnosis especially with the grace and love that you deserve now. You need to embrace your story now and hopefully this course will light your way.